The life of a princess




A very quick post before I race out the door and get my helicopter (not kidding… Yez has arranged for me to leave Monaco the way I arrived.., in style!) to Nice airport before flying to Rome for the night and leaving for Sydney the next day.

My time in Monaco followed Porto Cervo and was nothing short of fabulous… Living life like a princess! Yesterday we spent the day at Plage Mala sipping Rose and running in and out of the water from our sun beds at La Reserve. Following Mala we headed down to Monaco port for a few drinks with friends then up to the roof terrace at Miramar overlooking the yachts for dinner with a group of us. Post dinner we hit Budha Bar up near the Casino for cigars, red wine and people watching! Needless to say I’m feeling a but sketchy today and think I need to get away from my dear friend Yez before my health deteriorates any further! But seriously, it’s been a phenomenal way to end my European adventure. I’m very spoilt.

Better run. Hopefully I will get one more post in before I fly out of Rome in 24 hours time.

Meet me at the airport in Rome!

1 thought on “The life of a princess

  1. I’m so pleased you live at the beach and have such good friends in Sydney or I might never get you home!!!

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