Grazie, e ci vediamo subito… Thank you and see you soon

Good friends and good times – an arvo of windsurfing in Sardinia

Yez pretending to work on Twizzle, Sardinia

SY Twizzle

Monaco port

It’s strange to think that it has all come to an end, but in a great way, it doesn’t feel as though I’m leaving behind the adventure that was 6 weeks in Europe. Instead I take home with me a new language, knowledge of what it is really like to live and breathe the Italian culture, particularly that of the South which is rich in passion and emotion! I’m also bringing home with me some great new friendships having met Italians, English, Swedes, Dutch, French, puerto rican, American, Spanish, Scottish, Kiwi and Finnish people throughout my travels. In addition to the few extra kg’s, I bring home knowledge of cooking in the South of Italy, a cuisine quite different to any other region … Much higher in calories too but hence delicious!

Thank you for following me and meeting me at airports, historical sites, beach clubs, volcanos and sailing regattas. Thanks also for putting up with the poor spelling and grammar, and grainy photos at times, as I hastily tried to punch out a quick update. I’ve loved receiving your comments and emails of encouragement, love and well wishes. It has constantly reminded me of the beautiful network of family and friends I am coming home to, which makes leaving Europe (particularly in the summer!) that much easier. I wrote a post a few weeks in to my trip about the importance of family and friends and the emphasis Italians place on it. As well as a new language, which has opened my eyes to the real Italian culture, the importance of family and friends, love, support and loyalty is the other important thing I will bring home with me.

So, time to get packing. Meet me at Sydney airport at 5.10 am Saturday morning if you like… Yeah right! Realistically I look forward to speaking to you and seeing you all very soon.

Lots of love and arrivederci,

2 thoughts on “Grazie, e ci vediamo subito… Thank you and see you soon

  1. Hi Lauren, I’ve joined in late on your wonderful blog .What an amazing time you have had! Makes me want to get back to Europe soon !
    Love penny

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