Arrivederci Porto Cervo… Bonjour Monaco!




Talk about a terrific past few days! From the time I arrived in Porto Cervo I was treated like a princess – attending all the parties each night … at the Yacht Club one night, the next at Phi Beach, Baia Sardinia, (where the other photos were taken… Including the one of Yezzy and I) and finally the owners dinner for race crew at Clipper Restaurant where we ate like kings sitting up to a 5 course feast! My days were spent either windsurfing, lazing at the beach with a group of friends while eating the local dish Spaghetti Buttarga, or wandering around Porto Cervo waiting for the guys to finish their day of racing on Twizzle before joining them for post race drinks in the piazza.

After a huge final night, a bunch of us jumped on the ferry the next day and did the overnight trip from Olbia to Genoa, then arrived at my mate’s apartment in Monaco this morning, overlooking the port and ocean (see the photo).

Tonight we have a few friends coming for dinner so after lunch and a wander we’ll make a trip to Carrefour and shop for my Tarte de Citron and whatever Yez is going to cook for the main. Tomorrow we’ ll do it tough again and head to Plage Mala, an old favourite beach club where we used to spend any spare moment we could while working on the boats all those years ago. Not much happens there except for some people watching (frequented by the rich and famous!), many bottles of rose and some French pizza while lazing on luxurious sun lounges and running in and out of the crystal clear mediterranean sea.

It’s certainly nice to return to my European home… The fairyland that is Monaco.

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