Meet me in Piazza Tasso




Ciao from Piazza Tasso, the main square in Sorrento. I’m on my way home from a lovely day out and about and thought I’d post a piccolo blog about my day from my iPhone. So excuse the mistakes!

My day began with a run at 6.30am and already I could feel it was going to be a warm one. School is intense this week with only 2 of us in my class so I was happy to escape early to head to Piano Di Sorrento, the next town, to see my teacher get married! I will post more on this tomorrow along with photos.

After the wedding I dropped in to Nello’s puteca, my favorite salumeria for lunch (see photo!) and a chat, then bolted home, changed into my togs and hit the beach. Now that im abbronzata I’m going home for a shower and to change before meeting my friends for dinner and drinks later tonight.

So… Some news… Plans have changed and lucky for me, I won’t be leaving Europe this Sunday after all! I’ve extended and will be heading to Rome this Saturday where I plan to spend 5 days doing all things non-touristy and practicing my Italian. Then I hop over to Porto Cervo, Sardinia, where I’ll meet my friend Yezzy who is sailing a 60m yacht for a few days. Tough I know…! After that I’m off to Monaco for another few days then finally back to Rome then home on the 16th of June.

All exciting and with the weather warming up again it’s a huge blessing not to have to leave Europe and this country just yet.

(photos are from my iPhone so not sure about clarity. The shot of the bride is not my teacher, but another random English wedding in Sorrento which I’ve just seen now and quickly snapped. The other shot is Sorrento by night… Spectacular.)

2 thoughts on “Meet me in Piazza Tasso

  1. I just knew you wouldn’t make that plane on Sunday! What a good idea Caroline why not home via New York as long as “home” is the final port.

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