The Wedding of Elena & Vincenzo

The groom – Vincenzo, and his mama


The ceremony

I arrived at the Cathedral San Michele in Piano di Sorrento just before 11:30am where my language teacher, Elena, was getting married to her fidanzatoVincenzo. Of course the location of the church was not as per Google Maps. Typical! Vincenzo waited out the front of he church, alongside his mother, to welcome all the guests who were predominantly family Elena had told me… 80 of them in total. Vincenzo was then quickly ushered inside moments before Elena pulled up in a black BMW sedan with her father. In Italy, the don’t tend to have bridesmaids. If you have young nieces they are sometimes flower girls, but as Elena had none, it was just her and her dad.

I would estimate it took Elena under 2 minutes to get out of the car, walk up the stairs of the cathedral (it was huge), and walk down the aisle. She was gone in a flash.. hence I have very few good photos as you can see! She didnt even pause at the start of the long aisle she had to walk down, she just kept on going like it was a sprint!

Being such an intimate wedding, I chose not to stay for long. She was a very traditional bride as you can see, in a long white gown with a substantial train. After the wedding, the reception was being held in a villa called Villa Clairmont up high overlooking the Bay of Naples. The feast apparently includes over 10 courses including antipasti, pastas, fish and meat. And of course dessert! Elena and Vincenzo are now off to New York and Miami for their honeymoon for 2 weeks.

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