The Campo of Colours & Arrivederci Roma

Campo Di Fiori market

Zucchini flowers are everywhere in Rome

For my last day in Rome, I thought I would do something food related. Ok, so I do that everyday! After breakfast and a Gino coffee, I took off to Campo di Fiori to see the market. The colours are what is so striking about these markets. Tomatoes come in every colour – some even a little purple/blue, zucchini flowers are bunched into bright yellow posies smiling at you ready to be bought and stuffed with 4 types of cheeses, some fish and ricotta, or simply deep fried in a light batter (although my suspicions are correct, the deep frying of everything is really just characteristic of the south (of Italy).

As you wander around the Campo and surrounding streets, the air is thick with the sweet smell of marmilata croissants and donuts, and in every bar you will find a line up of Romans downing their caffe espresso and enhaling a pastry.

And so, as I pack my overflowing suitcase once again I am content with my 4 days spent in Rome. Like any big city, there are plenty of tourist traps, but when you discover a locals’ haven or manage to find a friendly face to have a chat with your whole day can turn around in a matter of moments.

A domani… where you can meet me in Sardinia.

2 thoughts on “The Campo of Colours & Arrivederci Roma

  1. It still allsounds wonderful/magical something to remember when you are my age. Chilly cold here/went for long walk around beach up to top of point then home by the river and the little coffee shop personal trainer came with me Much love as ever Gran Just talked to your Dad all fine

  2. forgot to tell you last night made myself a half avocado scouped out and mixed with mayonnaise prawns lemon juice then grated cheese then under griller. great still have other half left..guess it doesnt match up to your diet but believe me Mooloolaba prawns and Maleny avos are great. grandma

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