A short post: Friday Arvo in Positano



After school this morning I decided to jump on the bus and head to Positano, arguably the most spectacular town on the Amalfi coast. After just 40 mins on the bus I arrived and am now sitting in one of the cafe bars down on the beach. For a Friday it is surprising quiet here but the weather is perfect and with few tourist aroun, possibly scared off by the last few days which have been cold and wet on the coast, I’m enjoying a glass of rose, some Sicilian olives and a casual chat with the waiter in Italian (having learnt the past perfect tense this week I feel like I can really carry a conversation without only speaking in the present tense and feeling like I speak like a 5 year old!).

School is going really well and I feel I’m becoming more confident every day with the language which is an exhilarating feeling!

This week a great friend Yerin came to Sorrento from Monaco on business to meet clients in a shipyard so I was able to have two fun and very late nights with him in Sorrento. While I haven’t been lonely at all since I’ve been here (as a single female foreigner in this country you are never really alone!) it was still fantastic to see a familiar face and especially one of such a good friend whom I havent seen for years.

Tomorrow I go to Napoli and I am determined to find out what is special about that seemingly dirty and ugly city! Hopefully I’ll return to tell the tale (I’m kidding mama I’ll be fine!).

Ciao from Positano. I’m going to finish my rose and go and scope out a dinner venue… Yes things continue to revolve around food in Campagnia!

1 thought on “A short post: Friday Arvo in Positano

  1. Lauren we are really enjoying reading about you life in Italy, it is like we are there with you as we spent so much time in that area, and also loved it. Congradulations on your progress at school, I am sure you will love Naples, but do be careful what areas you venture into.
    We look forward to reading all about it.Love Sandy and Pete

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