Paninis & Bikinis

Buying our Paninis

Leonelli’s Beach Club

So I did get up this morning and ran down the 300 and something stairs to the port, then back up again and out to the cap where you can look back at the town of Sorrento perched along the clifftops. Vesuvius was almost completely covered in mist this morning with just the top poking out. You couldnt see Napoli at all. It was about 6.30am when I left nonna’s house and there arent too many locals around at that time. Those that are stare at you as though you are an alien. Every night nonna asks me “tu corri domani matina?” (are you running tomorrow morning?”) and when I respond “si” she bursts into fits of laughter. It remains a mystery how the Italian women are so thin and beautiful given they apparently dont exercise!

After class this morning, Erika and I headed to our favourite deli where they offer students of Sorrento Lingue a panini and water for 3.50 euro. Our paninis are filled with the freshest prosciutto crudo, sweetest tomatoes and creamiest mozzarella ive ever tasted. There is also some sort of olive oil and basil mix that is drizzled over the tomatoes to give it extra flavour. As it is about 29 degrees today, we wandered down to the beach, paid our 3 euros to enter Leonelli’s Beach Club and sat on the black sand in our bikinis and ate our paninis. After, we jumped into the crystal clear water which was cool but refreshing. There arent many in the water at this time of the year. One local told me the Sorrentine’s wont get in the water until the end of May. And so, one Aussie keen to extend her summer and one Puerto Rican from New York who hasnt seen the beach in 6 months enjoyed having the beach to themselves for the afternoon!


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