Arrivo… finally (here’s the text)

You have to excuse my IT issues… I won’t bore you with them but here is the text to accompany the images. I’m racing to get a train to Pompei so will write more later!

Not even 35 (yes, 35) hours of travelling could diminish my excitement as I stepped off the Circumvesuviana  (local train from Napoli to Sorrento), and took in my surroundings. It’s spring and the streets of Sorrento are lined with citrus trees all bearing so much fruit that it’s surprising the branches don’t break under the weight. Despite the drizzle in Roma and Napoli, it was warm and sunny in Sorrento. And so, with my suitcase dragging down the cobbled stoned street behind me, I began the search for my host family’s apartment. This took a little longer than expected! In true Italian style, nothing apart from a menu is as simple as it appears. My destination, number 226, was in fact a block of land with 8 apartment blocks built on it, each containing approximately 30 apartments. 45 minutes later I found my host’s surname on the front of one of the apartment blocks with an intercom bell and moments later I was being welcomed into my new home by the lovely nonna Annamaria whom neither speaks nor understands one single word of English. I’ll write more about my nonna at 226 (no unit number) later.


Day 1 at school has been … big! The school is perched on a cliff overlooking theBayofNaplesand Vesuvius on one side, and acres of rose gardens, olive trees and orchards on the other. It is truly spectacular.


After a morning of class, a couple of new friends and I went for a leisurely lunch then headed back to school to meet for an arranged tour of Sorrento and a visit to a Lemoncello shop for a demonstration on how to make it. I’m now back at mia casa and the aroma of dinner is wafting into my bedroom, so it’s time for me to sign off and go and practise my Italian over a three course meal (Annamaria served me a big bowl of pasta – delicious, last night and as I was about to get up from the table and excuse myself, the second course arrived… lucky there is no shortage of hills to run up and down in this part of the world, now I just need the motivation to do it!).





2 thoughts on “Arrivo… finally (here’s the text)

  1. Lauren I also want to hear all about nonna’s cooking I have experienced the wonderful Italian hospitality and wish you lots of luck explaining ever so nicely how you simply can’t eat another thing

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